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Hello fellow librarians!


I am having a real dilemma as to how to best notify patrons of overdue


In the past I have given notices to student's Seminar teachers and they
have handed them out during Seminar. Seminar is a class period we have
each day, in which students basically have study hall. The teachers have
time to hand out the notices because they are not teaching class.
However, there are a number of students who don't have Seminar class
because they attend vocational school. 


This was reason I decided on the method I'm using now. I give the
notices to the English teachers and they give them out to their students
as they come in each class period. One of the cons of this method is it
of course takes away from class time, and the teachers say they forget
to hand out the notices because they are too busy with other things. My
reasoning for using this method is as follows. Most books are checked
out for our Reading Counts program which is required by the English
teachers. Because I just hand them to the English teachers, it cuts out
a lot of sorting and organizing. There are six English teachers vs. the
30 something Seminar teachers.  Lastly, I figured most students are
going see an English teacher during the day. 


My dilemma is that the English teachers complained that they don't have
time to hand them out and that they forget about it. It's too hard for
them to remember to hand them out each class period.  The Seminar
teacher say they can hand them out but outside of the English class,
overdues have little meaning to the students and they just throw the
slips away.


At this point I'm not sure what to do. Does anyone use any other method
for informing patrons of overdues?


Oh, and I think mailing out notices each week is definetly out of the
question because of the financial position of our school district.

Thanks for any kind of help or suggestions you have.


Amy Day

Santa Fe Trail High School Library Paraprofessional

Carbondale, KS 66414


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