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I would like to TARGET-> Middle School Literature on How to Deal with the Death of 
a Student. 

Our school recently lost a young middle school child due to an asthma attack.  Many 
of the school faculty and students have been strongly affected by this sudden and 
untimely death.  Several have requested literature about coping with death and even 
asthma.  I am really interested and finding a variety of literature that would help 
with this loss and any we should have in the future. 

If people will respond to me, I'll compile your responses and post A HIT-> on the 
topic back to the entire LM_NET.  I will include your e-mail address in my Hit. 
Please let me know if you wish to remain anonymous. 

Kristi Beall/Teacher
Freedom Middle School, Fredericksburg VA

Mrs. Kristi Beall
7th Grade Science
548-1030 ext. 2203

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