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I guess my final thoughts on this thread have to do with how can I use
this information to reach these kids who feel that I am the one not
getting either because I am an adult or a techno-idiot.  I say this very
humbely, but as an information specialist how do I take their attitudes
and life experiences with technology and intertwine it with mine.  I know
that if you spend all your time with video games, a social network site
and listening to downloads from your favorite group that you are not going
to have the skills to make it in any world.  How to I convince the
teachers that using a wiki really is a good introduction to learning the
skills necessary to make it in an online course or a business team that is
spread across the world.  All this and I am in the battle of education
that doen't recognize me as an information specialist but more as a
necessary evil.   Yet, my school district, hires a full time teacher to
spend half a day collaborating with teachers on how to integrate books
into the curriculum and teach them to do booktalks????  They hire a
technology teacher to teach three classes a day and collaborate the rest
of the day on how to integrate technology into the curriculum.  And they
look surprised when I say Hey I can do that.  The response is, but your
the librarian.  YEHAAA!!   YEA I AM THE LIBRARIAN!!!  I have a lot to
offer.  They still look at me like I am a still in the way.  

I guess this rant is because I had my evaluation and I am talking about
meeting with the teachers and doing tech projects and setting up wiki's
and students taking the TRAILS and comparing the data.  My administrators
response...the kids seem to like coming in here and I haven't heard any
complaints they seem to like you.  (In my mind this was the response:
AAAAAAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!  But am I making an impact on the eduction of
these kids) 

Becky Vasilakis
District Library Media Specialist
Amanda Clearcreek SD
328 E. Main St. 
Amanda OH 43102

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