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Several people asked me for a hit on how to teach the on-line  

Shonda and Connie (Thank you Ladies!) came up with some ideas so I  
will include those here. If anyone has any other lesson plans for  
teaching an on-line encyclopedia to elementary students and didn't  
have time to answer my request during the school holidays, I am still  
open to ideas and will repost a hit if anything else comes in.  I  
personally set up a scavenger hunt using both the Ranger Rick and Nasa  
for Kids site and think that it will go over well with our students  
but would love other ideas to continue on with this for a few weeks.

Carol Van Brocklin
Faith Academy-Davao
Davao City, Philippines

> 1. You could set up a trial with World Book or other online database  
> that is more elementary appropriate and show them how to use it.  
> This might also give you the opportunity to show teachers what  
> they're missing and maybe they'll help find a way to fundraise money  
> for the World Book online!
> 2. Instead of teaching on-line encyclopedias, it might be more  
> advantageous to pick a useful site that is content related to  
> something that the kids are studying and is at their reading level.  
> Then teach them how to read websites. Teach URL, scrolling, 'about',  
> contact us, what the title of the website is, who the sponsoring  
> organization is, what .org, .com., .edu means. Have them answer  
> scavenger hunt type questions taken from the site.  If you pick a  
> site that has multiple pages, then they'd learn how to take their  
> time to read the material and go from one part of a site to another  
> part in order to find the right information. You could tailor this  
> assignment for the grade level you're teaching. NASA's site or  
> NOAA's site  are excellent for the older kids, Disney or Ranger Rick  
> or other easier site would work for the little guys. Teaching them  
> this stuff every year would be wonderful!
> These things are basic and would make it easier then for them to use  
> online encyclopedias when they are able to get one.  I find that at  
> junior high, if my students had had that basic training when they  
> came to me, then teaching them how to use the online encyclopedias  
> would be a five minute intro to the process!

Here are a few that might be useful, as well as other sites for
lessons that you might be able to use:

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