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Dear Colleagues,
I have always felt that classroom teachers are SO overburdened with
standards that adding AASL standards to our collaborative lesson plans was
off-putting - and redundant. (I don't think administrators are much
interested in additional standards either.)
As someone who committed the 1998 standards to memory and took them to
heart, I "translated" them and "discovered" them in each classroom teacher's
curriculum standards. That way, they were part of our daily practice -
through collaboratively planned and cotaught lessons and units of
Like Sharon Grimes, I believe that teaching reading comprehension strategies
is a large part of what we do in school libraries - at all levels. To that
end, I created a matrix that aligns the new AASL standards with seven
reading comprehension strategies.
I believe this is, as per Jacquie's request, a practical place to begin.
Judi Moreillon, M.L.S., Ph.D.
Literacies and Libraries Consultant
Author:  <> Collaborative Strategies for Teaching
Reading Comprehension: Maximizing Your Impact
I must say that Sharon's post has really made me think & has helped me to
understand why I feel so uncomfortable with the new standards.  I expected
to LOVE them, because of their emphasis on twenty-first century learning.
Instead - they feel very "slippery" to me.  I have assumed the problem was
because I have not yet studied them as thoroughly as I should - but perhaps
there really IS little to grab onto.  
Of course I plan to study the standards more carefully.  But what if I
decide that I prefer the "old" standards?  Do I continue using the standards
which have been serving my program so well?  Or am I somehow obligated to
use the new standards?  I tend to be an early adapter - so I feel really out
of my comfort zone with this whole issue.
I hope this post will generate a lot of discussion.  I particularly look
forward to hearing from people who really like the new standards and have
ideas about how to translate them into practical teaching techniques and
curriculum frameworks.
"The Librarian, whose job is to heal ignorance, to keep life safe for poetry
and to put knowledge smack dab in the middle of the American way."
From The Philadelphia Inquirer, 9-20-03
Jacquie Henry, MLS
Ruben A. Cirillo High School (GHS)
Gananda Central School District
3195 Wiedrick Road
P.O. Box 609
Macedon, NY  14502
315-986-3521 x 3144
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