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I appreciate hearing everyone's comments on the new standards.  I've been 
struggling with them at the school level.  Here's what I'm juggling:

1) New state standards for Georgia (Georgia Performance Standards)
2) New AASL standards
3) New ISTE standards
4) A state information-literacy check-list (that has been waiting for AASL's and 
ISTE's updates for revision)

And accountability for these standards? (We all know this is what focuses the 
1) State Standards: CRCT - only 2-3 questions concerning research on the ELA test 
section.  Most of the questions in the past have been almost impossible to teach 
to.  Teachers don't feel the pressure to emphasize research. 
2) AASL standards: We should see results through state testing?  How do we 
articulate that media specialists are truly impacting the data?  Although we are 
sure of the positive impact of the media programs, we can still only see in broad 
3) ISTE tech standards: NCLB Title II, Part D Enhancing Education Through 
Technology section has now told us that all kids should be technology literate by 
the 8th grade.  GA translated this by requiring all systems to document proficiency 
and has provided a free test inventory based on the ISTE standards.  Well done!  
Next step: how does each district use the results for positive, progressive change? 
4) State information literacy checklists (if available): possible accountability 
through state tests only (unless you create informal school or system level 

Perhaps this is impossible, but I'd love to ensure that all my students, 6th-8th 
grade, learn a set group of skills each year.  I'd love it to be process-oriented, 
and I would like it to build incrementally over time.  I'd also like to know that 
if a student left/entered my school, they would not lose/need to gain these skills. 
 I'd also like to see the high school media specialists (and beyond) know what my 
students have learned and hold them accountable for it.

The AASL standards are an overview of best practices.  What will they mean K-12?  
How do we make sure the rigor and the quality is there?  More importantly, how do 
we convince our faculty, admin, and politicians that we are driving these standards 
and pushing American education to a higher level?

Lindy Pals, Library Media Specialist
Jefferson Middle School
Jefferson GA 

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