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Hello librarians, veterans, student librarians, and our favorite Latin lurker, et 
many interesting discussions here. . . I've followed a number of them. . . along 
with the intriguing and very interesting responses they precipitate.
It is that time again to invite those of you interested in helping young, new, and 
student librarians over to the "study room" in the far corner of this huge library 
we call LM_NET.
Please understand that Peter and I have an understanding about the invitation - it 
is simply this:
I am not asking anyone to give up LM_NET for its immense value in the sheer number 
of librarians here with their wisdom and expertise. . . I am simply requesting that 
you drop in on our discussions with new, young, and student librarians over in the 
far corner.
We've recently created a "social networking" site which I am inviting you to join 
if you are interested.
No long term commitment required. . . drop by for a day or two and look around. If 
it isn't for you, feel free to unsubscribe, and we'll hold no hard feelings.
Some of you may be familiar with the wiki concept and their benefit to 
collaborative endeavors; well, I believe this new stretch to the "ning thing" is 
just a tad bit better than the wiki.
Video is accepted - so you can share your best presentations with other librarians 
in video presentations - up to a 100 MB limit - enough for 15 or 20 minutes at a 
When you arrive, check out the Lib101 Intro video under the Video tab to view a 
demonstration of all the tabs and options available there.

Once again, I am not advocating leaving LM_NET, I'm just offering an opportunity 
for all to gain a little experience with social networking and associating on a 
more personal basis with new, young, and student librarians - as well as their 
inevitable questions we've all heard about dozen hundred times before  <grin> . . .
You'll have to create an account and leave a bit of personal information about what 
level you teach and where you work in general terms.

Please give it a chance - I think many of you might enjoy the visit. . .

Until that time. . .  Earl J.

"Just an old Maui boy with a poor sense of direction,
working his way home one state at a time;
currently working in the State of Confusion. . .
not very far from the Comatose State." 

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