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Thanks to all who responded with ideas for making Biography Hash peanut
free.. I have decided to forego using it this year since it seems many
products have some connection to peanuts.. [since I had already bought some
big boxes of goldfish crackers that will have to be the treat for now]
 This 'recipe' has been out on LM-NET for quite a while.. I have been using
it for many years.. .. here is the earliest one I could find....  so Thanks
to all of you who keep this recipe going...

*Dear Members,*
    I had posted a request for lesson on biographies and in my letter
mentioned *biography* *hash*.  I received so many requests for it that I
thought I would post it now and then post a hit later regarding lesson
plans for teaching biographies.
    The following "receipe" I got when I attended a Judy Freedman
seminar.  I highly recommend them, I got so many good ideas!
    I used a large mixing bowl, had on a cook's apron, big spoon etc.but
kept the ingredients out of sight.  I said Most biographies include
certain things about the famous person, today we are going to put all
those ingredients together to make *biography* *hash* and "eat" a biography.
    Birth date and place - yellow raisins (We come out wrinkled, and see =
the sun.)  (add the raisins to the bowl)
    Family members - peanuts, unsalted (some family members can be a bit =
nutty sometimes.)  Check first to see if you have any students who are =
allergic to nuts.
    Childhood and School Life - add golfish crackers (fish gather in =
    Hobbies, Interests, and Activities - Bugles (sometimes we like to =
blow our own horns.)
    Anecdotes - Pretzels (All lives have interesting stories, with =
twists and turns, ups and downs, just like a pretzel)
    Career - Chocolate chips (when a person makes a lot of money or has =
good fortune, we say he or she is "in the chips")
    Reason for Fame - Cheerios (We cheer a famous person's successes.)
    Later life/Old age - M & M's (This stands for More Mature.)
    Death - Black raisins (We become shriveled and the lights go out.)
    Photos and Likenesses - Sunflower seeds (Good biographies let us see =
how the person looked or looks.  Sunflower seeds remind me of =
sunflowers, which reminds me of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings of =
sunflowers, which reminds me of his self portraits.  Now I thought this =
was too difficult for my kids to understand, so I used the cereeal Kix =
as it is multi-colored and I told the students that biographys are about =
people of all races, religions, gender.
    Then I use small see through cups and dish them out to the students =
and then we "eat" the biography.
    It is great fun.  Again, thanks to Judy Freedman

Susan Pengelly
Media-Tech K-5
Woodhaven Brownstown Schools
Brownstown, Michigan
[the posting date on this message was 2002]

Sue Marley
Media Specialist/Tech Cooridnator K-5
Smoky Row Elementary
Carmel, Indiana

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