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As a former special education teacher and now librarian, I find it very important 
to be aware of students that come to the library who have special needs.  It is the 
teacher's (or case manager's) responsibility to keep resource teachers (librarians 
too) informed as to what those needs are.  Visually impaired students may need 
enlarged screen resolution, hearing impaired may need special headphones, behavior 
disorders may need special seating in the room.  If an accommodation is not in the 
IEP does not mean that you may not use it.  We accommodate students all the time 
even if they have not IEPs.  The same holds true for those students with IEPs.  IF 
we want them to get the most from what we teach we need to do whatever it takes to 
be sure that happens.  
Carol DeMasi
Library Media Specialist, 
Chesterfield Community High School
Chesterfield County, Virginia

Date:    Thu, 24 Jan 2008 08:51:04 -0500
From:    Dennis Hollingsead <hollings@ANDREWS.EDU>
Subject: Re: Question about our role as LMS

Ideally, this would occur during the initial or periodic IEP meeting.
Usually all stakeholders are present at these meetings, and it helps to
know how all the professionals will interface and support each other in
achieving the educational goals for the student. One caveat - If
specific requested services or accommodations are not in the IEP, they
do not and should not be done until another IEP review is conducted.
Essentially the IEP is a contract describing what educational services
will be done and describes the accommodations. But it also has a
limiting effect, if it is not in the IEP it doesn't happen.

Dennis Hollingsead
Executive Assistant
Office of the Provost
Andrews University
Berrien Springs, MI  49104

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Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2008 6:52 AM
Subject: Question about our role as LMS

  I am a middle school librarian for grades 7th & 8th.  I was recently
observed, and one of the areas that needed improvement was to know the
students' learning needs.  For example, he said in the planning stage
before the lesson I should have got together with the teacher and have
gone over all the students' IEPs, and adjusted my lesson accordingly.
Is this something you all do?  I never did that before b/c I didn't
think it was my job.  However, if he is right I will move forward.  I
just wanted to know your opinion first.
  Suzanne McRae

Suzanne McRae=20
  Library Media Specialist
  Chestnut Ridge Middle School


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