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Thank you to everyone who helped me with my assignment to show students how they 
can not just tell by looking at someone, who they really are/what they do for a 
living.   Here are the responses I received.

Lately I have seen several football commentators who are very attractive women. I 
would not have figured they would be football reporters.

Aaron Neville- looks like a Hell's Angel and sings like a Vienna Choirboy
Patrick Jones - librarian  

Gandhi  - civil disobedience - Peace

How about the National Guard soldier who is participating in the Miss 
America pageant?

Danica Patrick, Indy Racing League driver and gorgeous girl.

there's a book of photographs called odd jobs and another call Odder Jobs (Ten 
Speed Press) which photographs people in various jobs

Bill Gates never looked like a guy with any money --- not a particularly sharp 
dresser or groomed well. 
How about "Ugly Betty" as a television star? 
Ghandi as a world leader? 
President George W. Bush as a Harvard grad? 
Or almost any author as one---I think people find it hard to believe 
average-looking people can write a book!
Valerie Plame Wilson - former spy

Betsy Johnson 
Danica Patrick (drop-dead gorgeous NASCAR driver)
Spud Webb (VERY short NBA player)

Bethany Hamilton (surfer) 
Bill Gates (richest man in America)
Carlos Slim (richest man on Earth) 
Danica Patrick (racecar driver) 
Verne Troyer (actor) 
Itzhak Perlman (musician) 
Ray Charles (musician) 
Eva Peron (first lady of Argentina) 
Grandma Moses (painter) 
Charley Pride (country singer)
Albert Einstein
Georgia O'Keefe
Michael Bloomberg
Bill Gates 
Richard Branson
Sophia Loren
Benazir Bhuto
Shirley Chilsom
Nancy Pelosi
Rosa DeLauro
Mae Jemison
Eleanor Roosevelt
Jack Prelutsky
John Scieszka
Beverly Cleary
Grandma Moses

I've always thought Bobby Rahal looked more like an accountant than a
NASCAR driver.  Same could be said for any of the women racers from the
70's and 80's -- Lynn St. James, Shirley Muldowny, 

Again, thank you for all of your suggestions.  An interesting note, our assistant 
principle thought it might be fun to throw in a serial killer just to show them 
that sometimes people who look very good can be very cruel so I included a picture 
of Paul Bernardo and his wife.  I also found some local flavor to add such as a 
city manager from a local town, a popular radio DJ, college professor at K-State 
and a young and attractive dairy farmer (who was wearing a three-piece suit).  
Thanks again.  

Brenda Lemon
Library Director
Chapman Schools
Chapman Kansas

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