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A number of people wanted to see my questions for this focus group. 
This is the first group of questions; there may be more.
George Anne Draper, librarian
Wynne High School, Wynne, AR    

Questions for Superintendent Candidate from Faculty Focus Group

1.      What do you consider the three most important roles of a

2.      What are your basic expectations of the district principals and
how would you hold them accountable? 

3.      What main strength would you bring to the district?  Weakness?

4.      Are you comfortable dealing with finances?  If applicable, what
has been the financial situation of the other districts in which you
have been superintendent? 

5.      Explain why you would or would not endorse a policy concerning
the use of correct spoken English by faculty that would also be found in
an evaluation instrument. 

6.      Do you consider yourself a consensus builder?  Give an example
in your career about how you accomplished consensus. 

7.      How comfortable are you with curriculum?  How would you manage
curriculum development?

8.      What would you do (or assist your principals in doing) to help
new teachers get acclimated and comfortable in their first two years of
teaching in order to assure retention of potentially good teachers? And
what would you do to rehabilitate teachers who for various reasons are
simply not performing up to even low standards? 

9.      How aggressive would you be in developing appropriate elective
classes for the high school?  What role do you think a vocational school
might play in aiding such a problem?

10.     What role or roles do you see yourself playing in the

11.     How would you assist and demand that principals and/or
department chairs check to see that teachers are giving appropriate
tests, giving meaningful homework assignments that are not mere busywork
that involves copying rather than creating products of their own. 

12.     What do you feel about No Child Left Behind and the resulting
batteries of tests?  How would or could you go about a weeding out
unnecessary or harmful academic requirements set by the state?
Are you willing to challenge the status quo?

13.     Should athletics be a part of the school day? What do you think
about the requirement that athletes take phys ed thus robbing themselves
of more academic classes….especially when athletics takes up a good part
of the school day.

14.     How do you feel about dress codes? Uniforms?  What do you think
about schools that have dress codes but don’t adequately enforce them?

15.     Have you had any experience with alternative schools?  Do you
have any innovative ideas for making alternative school effective in
helping students move back to a regular classroom?

16.     How important is instruction in the arts in the total
educational process?

17.     Which is more important:  Reducing class size or reducing staff
to save money?

18.     What ideas do you have to make Wynne Schools more attractive to
minority teachers and to science teachers? 

19.Situation:  11 parents complain about a summer reading assignment 
        and want it abolished, but there are 70 other parents who
        complain.  How would you handle the situation? 

20.            What role should the library play in the life of the
school?  What role does the library play in school achievement?

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