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You know you're an elementary school librarian when:
> you are happy if your books are simply in order by the first letter or first 
> having your books in perfect order is something that only happens once or twice a 
>year and doesn't last past the first class coming in to check out
> you wish you had a nickel for every book you had turned around so that the spine 
>label was facing out or turned over so the spine label was right side up again
> you wish you have a dime for everytime you had heard that the student never 
>checked out the book or has already turned it in only to have them return it to 
>you a bit later after they found it in their desk (room, car....)
> your definition of a dirty book is the ones that leave your fingers gray with 
>grime after a reshelving session, and you have a lot of those
> you consider putting the books you want them to read on the to-be-reshelved cart 
>because students seem to love looking there first
> the students actually want to help you in the library, but you know you are 
>likely to have to redo what they help with after they are gone
> any storytime book brings a round of hands up with stories they have to tell you, 
> very few of which are actually on the actual topic and most of which are related 
>to some minor element in the story -- if you are lucky
>your highest check out times are right before a state test where they must have a 
>book to read  if they finish early or the week immediately proceeding the due date 
>for AR (or RC) goals to be met for the reward event 
Elementary librarians, what would you add to this list?  I will post a hit.
Betsy Ruffin
Cleburne ISD 
Cleburne, TX 
Stephen Abram, vice-president of Micromedia Ltd., Canada's largest electronic 
publisher. "But although technology is vastly changing their roles, librarians are 
still seen as "trusted agents" and their role as navigators of the Internet will be 
critical to everyday life and the future economy."

It is the policy of Cleburne ISD not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, 
national origin, gender or handicap in its school programs, services, or activities.

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