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This year, I received a wee little card in my mailbox at school.  It was 
sent through the US Postal Service and no return address was given.  
Also, the cancellation stamp was smudged and gave me no clues as to the 
sender.  To my surprise, it was signed by "Santa" and simply stated. 
"Thanks for truly caring about the children and sharing your enthusiasm 
for reading with them."  It really brightened my day and I will keep it 
forever.  I still do not know who "Santa" is and, since it was made out 
in block letters, I will probably never know.  I do know that our nurse, 
guidance councelor and an invaluable teacher's aid also received similar 
cards.  We are people that rarely are put in the limelight although we 
do a lot behind the scenes.  The person that is "Santa" noticed.  It is 
not the things that are bought and given that exemplify the spirit of 
Christmas, it is the messages and actions from the heart that are 
priceless, timeless and genuine tributes to the season! 

I will be making a note of others in our building that receive few, if 
any kudos, throughout 2010.  I plan on keeping this wonderful spirit 
alive by sending out a few wee Santa cards of my own.  Long live Santa! 

Stacey Wicksall
LaFayette Intermediate School
Waterloo, NY 13165

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