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Hello librarians, and our favorite Latin lurker, et al.,
I just knew there was a real reason that my initial reaction was to slap back...
That reason is this: I'm offering to create a short video, 1 - 3 minutes long, 
on how many responses I get, depicting all the things a librarian does as well
as what goes on in a school library.
Those who would like to participate, send me few still shots of your library 
or yourself and library staff in action.
For privacy issues, send me only recognizable images of adults who agree to become
a part of the video... If you send me images of yourself or other adults in the 
with clearly visible students in the background, I'll mask the kids and blur them a 
to keep them unrecognizable. All those who contribute get final approval to the 
video before it goes public to anyone else.

Send me the images at either email address below.
For those of you technically minded, a video image is only about 720 pixels wide
and 480 pixels tall... so, if you send me clear images at that size or larger,
they will display just fine. Send me images in any format, I'll convert them for
use in the video, no problem.
If you send me larger images - the gmail account has a generous 10MB limit
on attachments ... so, send two or three smaller ones or one big huge one - I
can use them to slowly pan across the entire image to give it some movement.
It is called the Ken Burns effect and he invented it for some of his work on
the History Channel way back when...
Send me images of opening boxes of new books; cataloging books on the computer;
shelving books; teaching classes; book repair; computer classes; book fairs;
and anything else you think significant for inclusion in a short video...
perhaps a diploma or two as well. . .
I'll use labels for each activity. . .

I'll keep track of who donates and offer it to each of you for free...
I'll send you each a DVD that you can play for open house - or other
gatherings where you think it might be appropriate...
I'll also give each contributing school and library credit for
participating... it'll be fun...

What do you think? Worth the effort?

Earl J. Moniz
Librarian/Photo Editor/Network Admin/Information Specialist
USA Special Operations Command History Office, Fort Bragg, North Carolina
earljDOTmonizATymailDOTcom  *OR* earljDOTmonizATgmailDOTcom

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