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My apologies to the group:
Apparently I have received YOUR gifts this year, because yesterday I wrote 34 thank 
you notes to my students who gave me gifts of fudge, candy canes, amazon gift 
cards, starbucks gift cards, bath and body works products, books, bookmarks, 
candles, homemade cards, hand-drawn pictures of the library shelves, and a million 
To those that did not receive gifts --- please accept my gratitude for plugging 
along without the verbal encouragement, and for loving children and literacy and 
books and stories, especially because you didn't get the "perqs." You are needed, 
even if no one close by recognizes it.
I have worked in 7 different libraries: a city main library, a branch library, 
university libraries, a presidential library, and (my favorite) a private 
elementary school library. My take-home pay is less than my 25-yr-old daughter's 
starting salary in business 2 years ago of $40K. BUT the hugs and parental 
appreciation is much, much more important to me at this point in my life.
Too bad that school boards, principals, and parents don't realize that many of us 
might take appreciation over higer salaries. Maybe we can start a movement of 
gratitude to others who plug along with little thanks. I'm starting with the 
convenience store employees who will be working tomorrow on Christmas, and the 
medical employees at the area hospitals.
Blessings and merry Christmas,
Liz Frame
San Antonio Christian Elementary
(enjoying Christmas and 3" of snow in Dallas!)

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Subject: Re: [LM_NET] Christmas slap in the face!
Date: Thursday, December 24, 2009, 1:29 PM

Hmm, I read all of these with amazement. My experience has been exactly the 
opposite. Just this year I had a little girl and her mother come in with Christmas 
candy for me because, as the mom told me, she LOVES the library. Not generic candy, 
but a sack with my name on it. The funny thing is she is just one of the "face in 
the crowd" Kindergarteners. I really didn't even know her name. I probably didn't 
say 10 words to her personally this year.  You  never know the impact you are 
having on kids...whether it goes recognized or not. I guess that I should be 
thankful to be in a school that values its library and program. I wish you all a 
happier New year!

Doug Valentine
2009 TCEA Librarian of the Year
McKillop Elementary
Melissa Texas

I was slapped today too!
After inquiring about my role in the winter PARP program, today I was
old that PARP has nothing to with me.  
Me: Why?  
iteracy coach: Well, because it's *PARP* (insinuated duh!) It's for
e: Oh, who organizes it here? 
it Coach: The READING dept. PARP stands for Parents as Reading
artners.  (as if I didn't know)
e: Well, I've been involved with PARP in other buildings, so I'd be
appy to help in any way I can.
I think a little bit of my tongue is missing from biting so hard.... :-)
ime for vacation!!!!

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Reminds me of the time I had to explain to a student that yes, a school
ibrary WAS a real library. He thought a public library was the only
eal library.
Sigh, there is still educating and advocating to be done, eh?
>> Frederick Muller 12/23/09 1:27 PM >>> 
ne of my library rug rats (someone who pops in all the time) stopped 
y today and said to me "I wanted to give you a present, but my mom 
aid no because you are not a real teacher." I must say that did not 
ake my day! 

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