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Hi, Earl and all!

I love the idea of the Ken Burns style video and feel it has excellent 
potential.  I have been working on advocacy for about 10 years now and I 
would like to strongly suggest an alternative approach to the content. 

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and looks like a duck, it's a 

If we want to be regarded as educators/ teachers, then we need to sound, 
look, talk and act like educators.  Instead of a video showing things 
that people already have stereotyped images of us doing (opening boxes 
of books, shelving books, cataloging books, repairing books, etc.), 
focus the video on meeting w/teachers, teaching, grading, doing lesson 
plans, reading our National Standards, working on Web pages, assisting 
students at the computer, and these types of activities.  To address the 
idea of collection development, maybe have images of librarians with 
curriculum guides and reading through stacks of review materials.

Think of the PERCEIVED expertise involved in the former activities 
(opening boxes of books, shelving books, cataloging books, repairing 
books, etc.).  The average person thinks that you don't need any 
expertise to do these things.  Some of those activities actually are 
things many of us did as student library helpers in middle or high 
school.   Many of the things are the types of activities that contribute 
to professionals being replaceable. 

This is a great opportunity to educate; let's send a message that helps 
people shift rather than reinforce their paradigms. 

Deb Logan
Librarian/Media Specialist
Mount Gilead High School
Mount Gilead, OH 

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