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Hello librarians, and our favorite Latin lurker, et al.,
here is our annual invitation to come join our little group in a room down the 

It is Librarianship101.

Peter Milbury has approved this invitation as an annual message from me... which 
I've not sent for quite some time... (sigh)
* * *
It is not an invitation to leave LM_NET... it is an invitation for those who would 
like to move out of the huge crowded main room of the World Library of LM_NET 
around the corner and down the hall a bit to a small group meeting room called 
Librarianship101. The group is designed to help student librarians, new librarians, 
and veteran librarians interact in a more intimate, less formal, and collaborative 
environment than LM_NET provides.
We're also moving our Librarianship video project (aka slap in the face) there to 
give us photo and video capabilities at the same spot.
Understand, Lib101 is not a replacement for LM_NET, it is a supplement. No other 
online source provides the sheer volume of librarianship skills and knowledge than 
LM_NET. Ask the difficult, complex, and confusing questions here to get feedback 
from librarians all around the world. For more intimate discussions on a multitude 
of personal and inter-personal issues amongst a group of people who don't mind 
discussing the same topics over and over and over and over and over again, come 
give us a look. We're a patient and helpful group... ready when you are... student 
librarians, new librarians, and veteran librarians (as well as our favorite Latin 
lurker, et al.) are welcome.
Our traffic is low ... very low ... more recently, sparse...   (grin)
* * *
It is a Ning thing... with many other library/educational related Ning things 
available as well...
The choice is yours to make ... you may join and unsubscribe as you desire... no 

Until that time...  Earl J.

"Born on Valley Isle,
Home now, North Carolina;
Aloha y'all...!"

Earl J. Moniz
Librarian/Photo Editor/Network Admin/Information Specialist
USA Special Operations Command History Office, Fort Bragg, North Carolina

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