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Please send responses to this post directly to me, and I'll put together a hit to 
send to the list.

I am very enthusiastic about librarianship and being a librarian...except when I'm 
at work. I'm in total burnout there. This year I didn't even enjoy picking out and 
buying new books which is usually one of my favorite things to do. I'm hoping that 
by returning to LM_Net and other library networks that I'll gain some more 
enthusiasm, but I'm looking for more tips on recovering from burnout. In 
particular, right now I've got a principal that I can't stand (and the feeling is 
mutual), I don't like to go to the teachers' lounge because I don't like crowds, I 
miss a lot of days of work, and I guess I just feel alone. Appreciated, but alone. 
I like the kids--a lot--but other than interacting with them I can't seem to work 
up any feeling of interest in the rest of the job. I'm very disorganized, the whole 
library is a mess, and if it wasn't for two student assistants who have taken up 
the slack almost nothing would be getting done. I don't respect myself
 because I know I'm not doing a good job, and that seems to just create an endless 
cycle of misery for me.

I'd really appreciate any tips or tricks, large or small, that you could suggest to 
help me break out of this cycle and start enjoying my work. TIA.

Deb Waugh
Graham High School
Bluefield, VA

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