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You guys are terrific. 
This is the original post and answers.  I will let her decide what she wants to do. 

Original Post: A teacher does not want to wait until our school's website goes up.  
She wants a site where she can have students go to check homework and see their 
individual grades.  Any suggestions?  Thanks and happy holidays to all.


Has anyone suggested MOODLE? It is like BLACKBOARD, but not as detailed.

Sandy Doehler


I use or They are both free to educators, and easy to 
use. Here's my link 

Carol Gaughran


use a ning - can be private and by invitation only - lots of features too <> 

Barbara Combes


<>   It 
is very easy to use and it's free.
Peggy Simpson


Our district ed tech trainer suggests Weebly. They have an education version, too. 

Cheryl Skiles

Db martin

We have taught the teachers in my district to use several free sites. One is google 
sites and the other is wikispaces.

D. Mentzer


Have her check out 
<> . 
it has some great features for teachers and classes -- it has a super easy drag and 
drop feature.

Rena Deutsch 


I use Edmodo, ( with my fourth and fifth grade. Students have to 
register to their groups, which the teacher creates, then she can post assignments, 
grades, calendars. it is a social networking site,  the kids can communicate only 
with me or the people in their group. It's easy and free. Another more complex site 
is Moodle. Keytoschool is a free portal to that.
Michele Savvides is a good one and its free.
Julie Richards


The problem she will have is posting grades. That is student information that 
others should not have access to. Typically, online course systems like Moodle and 
Blackboard provide this function... She may be able to use Googledocs for students 
gradebook, but she would have to find someway to post individual grades to each 
Pamela Jackson


I have set up a blog that I use for my library site.

Barbara Kane


Teachers at our school use accounts on 
<>   Have a 
at what they have done to see if this meets your needs. There is a cost but
the teachers like the ease of use. 
or another option is 
There is a free version 
Pat Elliott is a good one.  Also, she should try Google's
"Googlesites"--easy to put together a basic web page. I just noticed that the 
teacher also wanted students to be able to check their individual grades.  I think 
she might want to "rethink" that idea because of privacy issues and confidentiality 
of student records.  A web page may not be the best place for that kind of thing.  
Perhaps if the school district subscribes to something like Blackboard or Angel 
Learning, she could provide that kind of access for her students.
Shirley Lukenbill


She could create a blog. is a great site.  she can get a free blog or 
for $40 per year she can have one that has no advertisements.  It would be perfect 
for homework assignements. 

If she doesn't like the format of a blog - she could create a wiki using something 
like wikispaces or pb wiki.  They are a bit more like a traditional web page.

Jacquie (Henry)


Geri Ellner Krim,
Library Media Specialist
Brooklyn Collegiate: A College Board School
2021 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, NY 11233
"Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination; on cooperation, not 
William Arthur Wood 
"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, 
but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn." 
Alvin Toffler

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