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Once again I am turning to the persons whose opinions and experience matter
the most to me: LM Net. You've helped me so much in my professional and
personal life over the past 15 years. Here I am again asking for advice.


My mother is 88, has fallen two times, and refuses to leave her home. I have
one year left to retirement and am trying to figure a solution that will
allow me to continue in my job and help my mother.


Two products that come to mind are some medical alert bracelet/necklace
system and a stair lift. I have searched the Internet but am confused as to
the best products for my mother's needs.


I am sure some of you have gone through the situation I am facing.


1.      Does anyone have experience with Stannah Stair Lifts or any other
stair lift?
2.      I have found three Medical Alert Services: Walgreens at $34.95,
Medical Guardian at $29.95; and Life Fone at $29.99. Does anyone know about
these companies or any other Medical Alert company from personal experience?


I apologize to those of you who are offended by my use of our Listserv in
such a personal manner, but I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and really would
appreciate some advice from those I trust. I will, of course, keep your
opinions confidential.


Ada G. Kent, Librarian

Ohio School for the Deaf

500 Morse Road

Columbus, OH 43214




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