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On June 18, the case of ACLU-Fla, Inc. v. Miami-Dade County School Board was filed 
with the US Supreme Court.  The caption is all that is presently available, since 
the Court has not yet agreed to hear the case, but the case at the Court of Appeals 
for the 11th Circuit found that the school board could remove a book about Cuba 
because they felt it too optimistically portrayed life in Cuba.  

This case has the potential to overturn the Island Trees v. Pico case, the 
long-standing case saying that school boards could not remove books from school 
libraries if they did not like the message portrayed therein and when they failed 
to follow their own procedures.  The cases differ in that in Pico, the Board 
rejected the advisory committee's recommendation and removed books.  Here, the 
Board took a parent appeal at a single building and applied it district wide. The 
board policy was silent on this action.  So perhaps -- if the Supremes hear the 
case -- the Court will make the ruling very narrow.  There are a few judges on the 
Court who wish to overturn Pico, however, so anything is possible.  It is something 
to watch, at least.

You can always watch pending school cases before the US Supremes here:

Carol Simpson
LMS retired
csimpson at carolsimpson dot com

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