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I have a good friend who needs a referral to a good doctor - someone
willing to go above and beyond to pursue the right diagnosis.  She lives
about an hour away from Las Vegas - but she really would like to go to
the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.  She doesn't know how to go
about getting a referral - or even what kind of a doctor to look for. 
She is suffering greatly right now - but cannot find a satisfactory
answer from several doctors in her area.  She has been diagnosed at
various times with different heart conditions associated with a racing
heart beat.  She has COPD as well - though she has never been put on
oxygen - just various respiratory medicines.  The slightest effort -
even eating - sets her heart to racing and she is extremely tired all
the time.  She feels exhausted all the time and feels very anxious all
the time.  The most worrisome thing to her however, is the pain that she
has.  It is like a band tightening around her diaphram - mostly on the
left side.  I think that rules out gall bladder pain which I know from
personal experience can cause a great deal of pain.  At least I think
gall bladder pain tends to be on the right side and/or the back.  She
says she feels as if something is growing inside.  She has had CAT scans
and MRI's - but nothing shows up.  Medicines have been altered numerous
times - but no improvement.  She is feeling very discouraged.

Her daughter wants to bring her to the Mayo clinic - but neither know
how to go about choosing a doctor there.  Do any of you know of a doctor
that you or a friend or relative could personally recommend? 
Alternatively, is there a good way to get a referral rather than
choosing randomly from a list of who is available under a variety of
specialties?  I would think that a good internist would be the best way
to start.

If you have any ideas for me, I will be so grateful.  I just don't know
how to advise her.  Thanks for any ideas you can offer!


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