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Sorry these are late - I am a terrible procrastinator.

Flip video  answers essentially consisted of the following:

MovieMaker 2 is a free software for PC; iMovie is the free tool for Macs.
With the Flips, you need to make certain that you have the right codecs
(think video translators) installed on your system to be able to work with
them in any editing software.  Then you're good to go...

My students still use MS Powerppoint to create title and end credits- so
easy to make- and export the slides as jpegs to include in video projects.

And:  Perhaps you are using an old version of the software.  My flip camera
allows the simple editing you need, such as adding or deleting sections,
adding title slides and transitions.  You could also drop the footage into
Windows Moviemaker and add titling there.

Prof books re using pic books to teach literary devices:

Several were recommended and I found a few others by searching in Amazon
after looking up the first one suggested.  Here they are:

Hall, Susan - Using Pic Story Books to teach Literary Devices, vol 4 and vol
3(there are many others by same author)
Van Zile, Susan - Teaching Literary Elements with Pic Books
"   "    " - Awesome hands-on Activities for teaching Lit Elements
Heidich, Delana - Figuratively Speaking
McCaughtry, Michele - Independent reading Management Kit:  Literary Elements

Hope you all will find these useful.


Barbara Wall
Krieger Elementary School
Poughkeepsie, NY

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