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Thanks to the several people who replied.  

The problem:

 4 month old HP computer running Vista.   I will be surfing around and
all of a sudden, it is going nowhere and says
"stopped" on the bottom of the browser.  This happens on both IE and
Firefox.  Also  - when using Windows Mail, I click on an email and I can
see it flash quickly - but it will not open.  If I click
control-alt-delete/open task manager/ and then close the task manager,
stuff starts working again for awhile.  Then I can go about my business
for a few minutes or maybe even an hour more - and then it starts all
over again.  It REALLY acts up if I try to fill out an online form of
any kind - even online email such as gmail.

I have run our virus protection and about 5 different spyware programs.
The problem still comes back.  I have uninstalled Firefox and
re-installed it just in case.  It just happened out of the blue.  I had
not downloaded anything new.

The answer:
I still don't really know what happened.  But - the problem has
disappeared now that I have downloaded the new IE 8.  The odd thing?  I
never use IE - I use Firefox.  However - I do remember that quite awhile
ago I had a computer that went nuts when I downloaded IE 7 - so I went
back to version 6.  So - on the off chance that IE 7 was the culprit
again - I downloaded IE 8 - even though I tend to wait for months before
downloading a new Microsoft product.  Anyway - doing that seems to have
solved the problem.  

My conclusion:
IE 7 is "spawn of the devil".  Now - I don't want to start a MAC/PC
debate.  I use a PC at home and work. Just the way things have worked
out.  Mostly a monetary decision.  All my PC's have served me well.  IE
7 has been the only program I;ve had trouble with.

Anyway - if anyone is having unexplained problems - getting rid of IE 7
might help.


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