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I am wanting to know pro's and con's  with Internet Explorer 8.   Is the appearance 
of  I E 8 visually different in anyway or looks same as I E 7 which I currently 
have  along with WIndows  Vista. I am curious as to whether or not to download it 
and if the bugs/kinks have are no longer a problem/factor.      Is Windows Mail any 
different?    I  E   8  will be included with  WIndows 7  operating system, right?


 here are the responses I have received on I  E   8 

Robert Joyce, M.S. Ed, B.S.Ed
School Librarian/Library Media Specialist
Virginia--Pittsylvania County School
Virginia --- Library Media NK-12 Post Graduate Professional
North Carolina---Media Coordinator (076),Media Supervisor (078)
South Carolina---Media Specialist (60), Media Supervisor  (59)

I just loaded it on an XP machine. It does look different. It looks as if there are 
tabs to choose from the sites you have up - MAYBE. When I hit close, it showed 
"Close all tabs?" and that's when I noticed that particular look.

The icon for it has a gold instead of blue orbit swirl, which is what showed me it 
was loaded.

The system did find and delete a virus one day later, but the virus very well could 
have come from somewhere else.
Infoworld.Com has been publishing articles about IE 8.  You might check
those out.  I know they mentioned a problem cropping up with certain
Dell machines.
You may want to look at the info on this site (this is a spin off site from TourBus)
This second site is another resource that has proved valuable over time: 
I have mixed feelings. I downloaded it and have experienced problems with various 
USB devices. I am hoping they are straightened out now. I haven't played with it 
long enough to compare differences, though there are some nice features.  
Explorer 8 works fine in Vista even though Vista was designed with Explorer 7.  My 
daughter recently downloaded it with her Vista and so far she has had no problems 
with it.  
I switched over at home and it hasn't been a problem so far. I don't use Windows 
Mail so I can't help you there. Some of the buttons are in funky places but I think 
it's just a matter of adjusting to something new!
I read recently in a couple of computer columns that it was suggested 
that people wait to install the IE 8 until the glitches have been worked 
out.  what I usually seem to hear whenever a new product hits the market.

I am running IE 8 on Windows Xp and haven't had any problems with it. I use 
Microsoft Outlook and it opens find from the mail button.

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