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Help, please!!

I just found out that I'm going to be teaching a fixed schedule "specials" class 
for our 7th and 8th graders - my school year starts in a week and a half, and my 
plate was already overflowing before this! Not to mention that I am *so* not a fan 
of teaching info lit skills this way...but I digress...

The administration has detailed me to teach an info lit skills course with a strong 
dose of computer skills, primarily Microsoft Office and some basic Web 2.0 tools. 
Let me say that I am comfortable with teaching those things within my flexible 
access schedule, as pieces integrated into the subject area teachers' units and 
projects - it's the idea of having to generate a separate class' worth of 
curriculum and organized, scaffolded plans in such a short time that has me 
reaching for the smelling salts... I do plan on trying to work with the subject 
area teachers to correlate what I'll be teaching into their research and project 
work, but I just don't know if I'll be able to arrange that and still have 
something to work on every week for a year - actually, I only need a half-year's 
worth, since this is a "rotation" class that meets 3 days one week, then two the 
next, alternating with PE or another "specials" class.

So, before I babble myself into a panic attack: on the principle of not 
re-inventing the wheel, I turned to my favorite resource, but I haven't been able 
to find anything very recent in the LM-NET archives.  I know some of you out there 
teach classes along these lines, and I would *deeply* appreciate it if you would be 
willing to share your experience and expertise, whether it's about curriculum or 
class management issues - I know having these kiddos on a regular basis is going to 
be different that coming in as the "special guest teacher" and being enough of a 
novelty to help hold their attention, and I know that evaluating for a semester's 
worth of grades rather than as part of another teacher's project grade is going to 
be a shift, too. Argh......

I'll happily post a HIT of any comments/advice, and if anyone is kind enough to 
send curriculum documents or the like, I'll compile them to email to those who are 

Thanks in advance!!!
Laura MacArthur
Media Specialist
American Heritage Academy
Canton, GA
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