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I couldn't agree more, Carol.
There are several new school librarians on the ALA Council. Maybe there
should be a concerted effort by them to get the ALA to be more open with its
permissions and uses for everyone, especially ALA members.

Thomas T. Kaun
Teacher Librarian
Bessie Chin Library @ Redwood High School
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On Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 10:56 AM, Carol Simpson

> This has been the problem with the AASL standards from the beginning (even
> the previous print versions). I wrote about this problem in my Library Media
> Connection editorial when the standards first came out with this
> restriction. ALA/AASL has NEVER allowed reproduction of more than a
> barebones discussion of any of its standards, unlike NCATE or NCTM
> standards.  Ever wonder why those standards are so well-accepted and
> well-adopted? Because everyone can get and use a copy of the standards.
>  Those organizations make their money (and this =is= a matter of money) from
> books and workshops applying the standards, not from the standards
> themselves.
> ALA is supposed to be out fighting for right to access information, and for
> fair use of information, but they act in a restrictive and proprietary
> manner regarding the information we AASL members have created to guide our
> profession -- even those who are NOT members of ALA.
> This is a case of misguided administrators within the organization acting
> in a way that will protect =their= jobs, not ours.  It may be time to "throw
> the bums out" and tell them exactly how we, the members, want our
> organization to be run.
> Carol Simpson, Ed.D., J.D.
> LMS retired
> csimpson at carolsimpson dot com

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