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Let's give credit to Chris Harris, who first raised this issue on the
AASLForum listserv after being stonewalled by TPTB at ALA.  See his
posts at
Perhaps every one of us needs to write to ALA to *inform* them that we
plan to use/quote the standards now, with or without permission.
What's that old saw about "Act now, ask forgiveness later" ?
Somehow I doubt that ALA has the time or resources to penalize every
single one of us...  What's the worst they can do? take away our
membership rights?
Alice Yucht

On Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 5:05 PM, Carol Simpson<> wrote:
> Meg wrote:  I am about to have to write curriculum for my district;  I have been 
>studying the AASL standards but now I believe I won't waste further time on that.
> -----------
> I hope AASL is reading this list.  What Meg says is exactly what will happen to 
>the standards.  They will be discarded by the very people they are designed to 
>assist, and some other organization (can you say ISTE?) will come along and 
>replace them.  Guess who will implement those standards?  Tech folks. Not that 
>librarians aren't tech-folks too, but implementation of information literacy 
>skills will go to the computer teachers, not the librarians.
> Folks this is serious business.  You need to talk to other librarians who are 
>currently on hiatus on this list and make a groundswell of opposition. Every 
>single AASL member needs to take a few minutes to let their elected 
>representatives know EXACTLY what this position is going to cause. Your state 
>organizations, if they are affiliated with ALA, should also pressure the national 
>organization. Don't let this slide. You have more time this summer -- DO IT!
> Carol Simpson, Ed.D. J.D.
> LMS retired
> csimpson at carolsimpson dot com

Alice Yucht, aka Alice in InfoLand
lifetime Teacher-Librarian, now freelancing as
Rutgers/SCILS/PDS faculty,
writer, consultant, speaker, mentor,
and catalytic curmudgeon.
Highland Park, New Jersey

"We may be service-oriented, but we don't have to be servants."

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