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Thanks to those of you who were kind enough to respond to my original query seeking 
your recommendations about print encyclopedia for elementary students to supplement 
online access. 
A few listserv members responded to tell me I shouldn't buy encyclopedias because 
everything students need is online.  Since I'm bound and determined to give them 
some familiarity with the print encyclopedia, though, I'm going to be purchasing 
during the month of August based on your recommendations and on my upcoming review 
of the books as representatives bring them to me to look at and to compare.  
Your recommendations:
Most of you recommended World Book Encyclopedia in one form or another.  Although 
some of you believed the traditional World Book is too difficult for all but the 
4th and 5th graders, other folks believed it was "just right" for all elementary 
students.  Several folks recommended the World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia, 
which is written at a lower Lexile level.  A few people recommended the World Book 
Student Discovery Science Encyclopedia as well as World Book's animal 
encyclopedia/books to supplement the traditional encyclopedia.
The favorite for younger elementary was Heinemann's Children's Encyclopedia. 
I received one recommendation for Grolier and one for Compton's.
I feel confident that I can choose what's best for my students once I take a look 
at the books themselves, and now I know which ones I need to see.
Thank you so much for helping me narrow down my list!
Amy Parker McCracken, JD, MLIS
Lower Division Library Media Specialist
Berkeley Preparatory School
4811 Kelly Road
Tampa, FL  33615
Original TARGET:
I'm the new library media specialist (aka "librarian") at a school in which the 
reference collection needs attention.  We are fortunate to be able to 
provide online access to Grolier, World Book & Britannica, but I want to purchase a 
print encyclopedia as well.  
I've searched the archives, but the information I'm finding is a bit dated.
Could you share with me your recommendations for what print encyclopedia you prefer 
for your elementary students?  I have the ability to purchase separately for 
younger elementary and for older elementary, so if you can tell me which age group 
works best with which resource, I'd appreciate it.


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