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Thank you to everyone who responded to my question. Here are some more responses:

I felt like a lot of the responses in the hit were from people that thought it 
was too scary, so decided to respond.  I have it in my K-5 school.  Mostly it's 
been my 5th graders reading it, the ones who love scary books anyway.  I've read 
it and wasn't at all concerned about having it in my library--I loved the story 
myself, and didn't find it any darker than some of the other books my older 
elementary kids read--lemony snicket, harry potter, edgar and ellen, etc.  I 
might caution a 3rd grader checking it out that it's scary, just so they know--I 
think they'd probably bring it back unread anyway. 

I personally avoided reading it because I don't like scary books.  And Neil 
Gaiman's (adult) stuff can be very scary because it is so subtle.   In order to 
recommend it to children, however, I steeled myself and listened to it as an 
audio book, ready by the author.  It was wonderful.  So inventive and 
imaginative. Afterwards I look at the book and could appreciate the wonderful 
illustrations,  but they weren't at all what I had imagined. 
My students are not strong readers so I haven't had a problem with anyone less 
than a 6th grader asking for it, but students love goosebumps,  Scary stories to 
tell in the dark,  Cirque du Freak etc.  I think as long as it's the kid's 
choice, perhaps with a caveat that it is scary,  they are best able to decide to 
devour it or return it unread.  (That's the joy of library books, I tell them)

For those who are debating whether to put The Graveyard Book in an elementary 
library, do you have The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe there?  I read that 
when I was in fifth grade, and the build-up to the Witch's murder of Aslan seems 
much more upsetting than "There was a hand in the darkness, and it held a 
knife."  I wonder how many other books are in our elementary libraries that are 
just as--or more--gruesome than Gaiman's.

Lori Belair, Librarian
A.J. Smith & Cayuga Elem Libraries
Union Springs, NY

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