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I was called today for an interview next week.  I have not met with the
principal or any interview team yet, just an explanatory telephone call.
The principal is changing the curriculum for grades 3 and 4 to have the
classes come to the library with the classroom teacher for instruction in
information researching. The media specialist is to meet with the teaching
teams and create lessons based on what is being taught in the classroom.
The charge is for the media specialist to be the leader in creating
collaborative lessons taught with the classroom teacher. The example the
principal gave me was that students are studying the Iditarod in grade 4.
The media specialist should prepare 21st century information lessons to
teach with the classroom teacher in the library.  The grade PK-4 students
will come to the library on a non flexible, weekly schedule  - as coverage
for the teacherıs contracted prep time, to learn to use the library and to
extend literature and literacy lessons.  The grade 3 and 4 students will not
come to the library without their teacher or to just check out books,
although that may occur when they do come to the library.  The language arts
curriculum is not based upon a reading anthology, but uses trade literature
to teach language arts and literacy skills. The principal said ³I feel
confident that the grade 3 and 4 students have exposure to good literature
and literacy in our curriculum, but they need information literacy skills.²
I asked some questions and was told that each classroom has a cart of laptop
computers for students to use.  The media specialist will not be expected to
teach computer skills, but information literacy for research projects.

 I have been asked to bring an example or examples of a grade 3 or 4
research lesson. The principal may have some students there to see how
candidates interact with students. There was no mention about any interview
team. There is a candidate coming in at 1 pm and I have been asked to come
in at 2 pm.  The principal seems to want this to take no more than 30 to 45
minutes.   One thing the principal mentioned was providing pathfinders. Have
any of you had to prepare this type of lesson for an interview?  Do you have
any suggestions for what I should definitely do or not do.  I have some
ideas, but your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

If I get ideas I can prepare a HIT for the list.

Thank you,

Allyson Cogan  

Allyson Cogan
Unemployed media specialist, NJ  

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