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TARGET: handling vendor phone calls

Hi Everyone,
I have a question concerning vendors and being inundated daily with vendor phone 
calls.  I work in an elementary school library with a fixed scheduled where I see 
30 classes (5 classes each of K-5) weekly.  I have very little time to talk on the 
telephone and/or meet with vendors.  I also choose not to preview books because it 
is a hassle to me. I pretty much know what I need to get year to year through 
compiling teacher requests and reviewing my collection and inventory.  Though I've 
asked the office to hold vendor calls during my class times, sometimes vendors are 
very persistent, calling 2 or 3 times a day and sometimes they show up unannounced. 
 I've been at my library for 6 years and I still have vendor reps saying that the 
former librarian used to buy from them all the time and why don't I?  I am 
wondering how you handle pushy, persistent reps and if this is a problem for anyone 
else. Let me also say that I have very good relationships with a
 couple of reps who are courteous, patient, and understanding of my busy days. But 
I still do have uncomfortable conversations with reps who put me on the spot and 
demand to know why I don't buy from them or preview their books.

Andrea E. Moreau
Library Media Specialist

East Hancock Elementary
Hancock County School District
4221 Kiln-Delisle Rd.
Kiln, MS 39556
228-342-3240 (cell)

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