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LM_NETTers..... here is one more "23 Things" tutorial for you to try  
and to share with your colleagues!
Look it over - there's time before school starts to learn more about  
how you can integrate Assistive Technologies and disability awareness  
into your library lessons.


Connie  Williams
NBCT Teacher Librarian
California School Library Assn
CSLA 2.0 Team


Making a positive impact for persons with disabilities. An online  
learning program
by the California School Library Association 2.0 Team

Accessibility Solutions!

Welcome to a tutorial by the California School Library Association 2.0  
Team and TransAccess, an organization that provides persons with  
disabilities access to computer adaptive technology and career  
transition services so that they can achieve their desired education  
and employment, and improve their quality of life.

You will be amazed at the types of technology available that makes it  
possible for someone with a disability (physical, sensory, or  
learning) to interact with a computer.  These (5) modules introduce  
you to the world of assistive technology. You will learn about people  
who use it on a daily basis to be able to blog, communicate, surf the  
Web… Along the way you may start thinking about people in your own  
life that can benefit from it.

Here’s an outline of each module. Work at your own pace to explore and  

Module #1: Types of Disabilities and Accommodations

Check out different websites and videos to learn about various  
disabilities. You’ll learn about famous people with disabilities and  
how they accommodate to be successful.
Explore the Job Accommodation Network to make the learning process  
better for a student with a disability.

Module #2: Assistive Technology Hardware Solutions

Learn about Assistive Technology hardware solutions such as adaptive  
keyboards, mice, and alternative cursor control.
Visit some websites that demonstrate the technology.
Module #3: Assistive Technology Software Solutions

Discover Assistive Technology software programs, such as low vision,  
blindness, learning disabilities, virtual keyboards, and more.
See the impact of these software solutions.
Module #4: Etiquette & Awareness

Learn about disability etiquette and awareness.
Locate more resources to increase your knowledge of assistive  
Module #5: Curriculum Connections & Recommended Reading

Recommended reading – Here is an online list of young adult novels  
with characters with disabilities:     at 

Have a great time learning and exploring.  See how assistive  
technology makes the world a better for us all. 
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