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Dear LM_Net,

In response to David's inquiry about big brother watching you I would like
to add another layer of the discussion on companies and governments changing

A couple years ago a technology reporter for the Seattle Times was writing
an article about a major software company in Redmond, WA.  He remembered
reading a web page on the product he was researching, so he went back to the
company's web site and discovered the web page had been changed and the
information he was looking for deleted from the page.  He called the company
and asked marketing about their changes in their product compared to what
they said the product would do in its earlier web page promotion.  He was
told the web page hadn't been changed and the product had all the
capabilities they said it would have in all of their past publicity.

The reporter hung up and searched his paper file cabinet on information
about this product.  He found a copy of the web page he was looking for (he
had printed the page out for future reference) with the information that was
no longer on the web page.  He called the company spokesperson up again and
it wasn't until he faxed them a copy of the web page he printed out did the
company spokesperson change their tune.

Besides big brother watching you electronic information is being constantly
changed.  Most of the time web pages are updated to provide current
information in our ever changing world.  However, when a company or a
government can easily change information and re-write history then it can
become a problem.  Those who control the flow and creation of information
can control history and the people.  It not only happens in places like
China or Iran, but it happens in our own country.  Unless there is a paper
trail those in power can manipulate information to suit their own economic
and political needs.  This is an information technology issue that should be
part of every students' education in school.

Peter G. Mohn, LMS
Glacier Peak High School
Snohomish, WA 98296

On 7/28/09 6:18 AM, "David Lininger" <tigerlibrarian@GMAIL.COM> wrote:

> Any experts out there that know whether there is anything to this story?
> Yes, I know we discussed the Kindle thing recently, but what about the
> rest of it?

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