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  Before ALA I had asked about parking lots in/near Midway airport.  I really feel 
like I need to share my experiences in case  others ever consider driving to Chicao 
and have the same concerns I had (cost of parking in the city, driving in the city 
at all, safety of parking).  The first two responses I got suggested that I not 
park at/near Midway at all because it's in a bad neighborhood.  One person 
suggested the lot Airways and 2 people suggested Midway Park Ride Fly.  After 
checking the two lots on Google Earth and talking to the Midway PRF I decided to 
give it a try.  My experience with this lot was excellent.  This outfit runs 
parking lots at many airports around the country.  I was able to make a reservation 
online, with a deposit,  from the Midway site (you can save a little money by going 
to the PRF website itself and paying in advance).  Getting to the lot was very 
simple (it's only a couple of blocks from an I-55 exit to Midway).  I pulled in, 
took a ticket, and was directed by the booth attendant to follow the directions of 
a person with a clipboard who directed me to follow a shuttle bus to my parking 
space.  Before I even got out of my car they had me pop the trunk and they began 
loading luggage onto the shuttle.  They took us directly to the taxi cab stand, 
after dropping other passengers off at various airlines.  The biggest pleasant 
surprise was on our return where they directed our cab to take us directly to our 
parking spot. The lot is completely fenced and has security cameras.   Parking was 
just over $10 a day, compared with $32 at the hotel or 25 or 50 at Midway.  Of 
course we had to pay for a cab to/from the airport but we'd have had to pay that if 
we'd flown in.  You can take the train in a lot cheaper but we had too much stuff.  
 Overall we saved about $18 over parking near the hotel which isn't a lot but the 
added benefit of not having to drive in the city made it well worthwhile.

Joanne Proctor, retired LMS
Topeka, KS
"She is too fond of books, and it has addled her brain."--Louisa May Alcott

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