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    Since Jody Gerlock usually doesn't start posting until September, I
am again posting for her for the month of August for those of us who
will be in school then!  And, as Jody always ends her list with:
"Remember, the list is just for fun! Not responsible for
August is...

National Inventor's Month  

Admit You're Happy Month

Family Fun Month

Motorsports Awareness Month

National Catfish Month

National Eye Exam Month

National Immunization Awareness Month

National Water Quality Month

National Golf Month

Peach Month

Romance Awareness Month

Water Quality Month

National Picnic Month

DOG Days 
Family Union Days 
Bake Bean Month 
Black Family Month
Hot Dog Month
Make a Difference to Children Month

Get Ready for Kindergarten Month   


August 1 William Clark Birthday, Birth of World Wide Web, U.S. Purchases
Alaska From Russia for $7.2 Million Dollars, Anne Frank's Last Diary
Entry, First US Census, Francis Scott Key Birthday,  Emancipation of
500, Herman Melville Birthday, National Mustard Day, Coolio Birthday

August 2 Albert Einstein's Atomic Bomb Letter to President Franklin
Roosevelt,   Declaration of Independence Signed, Lincoln Penny Issued,
Columbus Sails for New World, National Ice Cream Sandwich Day,
International Forgiveness Day   

August 3 President Truman Signs Act of Congress Designating June 14
National Flag Day, National Watermelon Day 

August 4 Queen Elizabeth I Birthday, Chocolate Chip Day, U.S. Coast
Guard Day

August 5 Sister Day, Friendship Day

August 6 Atomic Bomb Dropped On Hiroshima, Partial Lunar Eclipse (2009),
Wiggle Your Toes Day

August 7 Operation Desert Shield, National Lighthouse Day, Charlize
Theron Birthday, Twins Day

August 8 Happiness Happens Day, Underwear Day, Matthew Henson Birthday,
Odie (Garfield's friend) Day

August 9 President Nixon Resigns, Book Lover's Day, Whitney Houston

August 10 Smithsonian Museum is established by Congress, Kool-Aid Day,
National S'Mores Day, President Herbert Hoover Birthday, Antonio
Banderas Birthday

August 11 Son and Daughter Day, Stephen Wozniak Birthday, Hulk Hogan

August 12 IBM Launches PC, Perseids Meteor Shower  

August 13 Berlin Wall Erected, Left-Handers Day

August 13-29 Athens Olympics 2004 

August 14 Navajo Code Talkers Day, V-J Day, "Magic" Johnson Birthday,
Halle Berry Birthday

August 15 Opening of Panama Canal, Completion of Transcontinental U.S.
Railway, Relaxation Day, Debra Messing Birthday, Sand Castle and
Sculpture Day 

August 16 Wilbur Wright Birthday

August 17 Sand Castle Day, Davy Crockett Birthday

August 18 Meriwether Lewis Birthday, Nineteenth Amendment Ratified,
Paula Danziger Birthday, Homeless Animal Day, Bad Poetry Day

August 19 Orville Wright Birthday, National Aviation Day, President Bill
Clinton Birthday 

August 21 Monarch Butterfly Fall Migration Begins (2009), Hawaii becomes
a state, Daffodil Day

August 22 Ramadan begins, National Tooth Fairy Day

August 23 Remembrance of Slave Trade and its Abolition

August 24 Astronomers Demote Pluto to Dwarf Planet, Vesuvius Day

August 25 First Landfall of Hurricane Katrina, National Park Service
Established, "Wizard of Oz" film Released, Kiss and Make-Up Day, Sean
Connery Birthday, Billy Ray Cyrus Birthday

August 26 National Dog Day, 19th Amendment Signed into Law, Women's
Equality Day, Pony Express Day

August 28 Martin Luther King Gives "I Have a Dream" Speech, Leo Tolstoy
Birthday, LeAnn Rimes Birthday 

August 29 Hurricane Katrina Devastates Gulf Coast, Michael Jackson
Birthday, Senator John McCain Birthday

August 30 Toasted Marshmallow Day, Frankenstein Day, Cameron Diaz

August 31 Diana, Princess of Wales dies in auto accident

August 31-September 13, 2009 U.S. Open Tennis 


Linda De Vore
Media Center Director
Casa Grande Middle School
Casa Grande, AZ 85222

"Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most
accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers."
Charles W. Eliot 


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