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 I need an online source for a teacher... An entire grade left on a field trip to 
the state capital at about 9 am, and a student teacher was sent to obtain videos 
from the library for the trip.  I mentioned to her about how most of the videos we 
have here are curriculum related, and if she wanted a "movie" for the trip, then 
she should have requested such from our district media center, but that it still 
needed to be curriculum related to be shown on the bus.  She took a few of our " 
books turned into movies" VHS tapes, ( we have very few DVD's in house) . Well, 
anyway, I get a call from  one of the teachers , WHILE ON THE BUS, wanting to know 
what the deal was with not watching movies, etc... I said, well it is a copyright  
thing, ( he caught me off guard) .  He wants the code stating they cannot legally 
show movies on the bus, and of course he wants it NOW. 
I've found several sources referring to Section 110 of copyright law, as well as 
sites which list the rules for classroom fair use. 
I've got
but I need a source which clearly indicates that  viewing videos on a bus  ( field 
trip)  , unless public performance rights are included, does not constitute face to 
face instruction, or that the bus is not an extension of the school/non-profit 
Can anyone help, before 1:30 pm, NJ Time?  THANKS!
Suzanne Ng, Librarian
South Mountain School / Annex
South Orange, NJ
(973) 378-5216 x4505 (SM)
(973) 378-2800 x4004 (Annex)

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