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My original post:

I've been pondering this question in my mind for quite
sometime, and thought I would ask for ideas and suggestions from all of you.
HOW do you go about advocating for your library and yourself?  I've passed on
articles to my principal and vice principal that are pro-libraries, but it's
no guarantee that they will read them or spend time considering their
messages.  And like many of you, I always do an end of the year report with
(in my opinion!) impressive numbers and statistics.  But I don't feel like
these methods are very powerful. 

Have you had success advocating your library services, and if so, what methods
have you used?   I'll post a hit.

I only received 4 responses, which I think means that we're all swamped with 
end-of-the-year procedures!  However, if you would still like to share your ideas 
with me, I'd gladly take them.  Thanks to all who responded.

Well, I think it's a daily thing... The more times you can say "yes" to
patrons and help them find information or a great book, that's the best kind
of advocacy you can expect - word of mouth!
I took over this library last year and since then have tried to overcome
24 years of a very stiff-necked, rigid librarian who created a place
where no one wanted to be. When she left, I was left with an entire new
program to build. To that end I have created a newsletter, updated our
Web page, created project pages for the teachers, gone to the classroom
to teach databases (instead of requiring the teachers and students to
come to me), put up something as simple as book displays and  posters,
encouraged class projects be displayed in the library then advertised
them. We have a large flat screen TV where we project student art or
dance programs (even without sound they are beautiful), watched the
presidential inauguration and any upcoming bad weather. We've encouraged
the use of the library as community space for special programs, unlocked
the room where the DVDs and videos are so that teachers have ready
access without asking. I send out tons of e-mails with great Web sites
that people on this list tell me about. Whew! I guess I've done a lot .
.. . some simple stuff but stuff nonetheless that hadn't been done in
years around here! Are you sorry you asked?!
Sometimes I think I have the best luck with a quick email highlighting 
one particular project, service, collaboration etc.  The one that got my 
principal's attention (he even provided it to the school board) was data 
on the number of AR quizzes taken during the first quarter of the year. 
We have a district newsletter (we're a very small one building pk-12 
district) and articles that I put in the newsletter are a good way to 
advocate.  Again I highlight one particular thing.  This year I did an 
article about WorldBook Online.  I made sure it said that the 
subscription was being provided through the library. 
Dear Angela,

Talk, talk, talk.  To anyone who will listen.  Write an editorial for youir local 
paper; request to speak at a school board meeting, put on a short 5 minute talk to 
your teachers, write articles for your states principal assoc., talk to the pta, 
whoever will listen.  The more people who invest in what you are doing and see it's 
value the better.  Put a face on your library so that anyone who enters knows what 
a great program you have.  Write on your board what you are doing every 
day..noithing major just something like:  6th: research on water pollution, 3rd; 
using databases, etc.  People see this and it's a very sly way of letting people 
know all the things you teach.  

I'm sure there are others that know alot more than me; but I hope this helps.  If 
you would like to see the brochure I've made for our student teacher, and our 
staff, and our parents; let me know.  I also have some handouts that I've given to 
our board about test scores and their correclation with good libraries.

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