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Hello LM_Netter's, 

If you know of any graduate MLIS programs that encourage their members to post to 
listserv's like LM_NET, could you let them know about ALA Connect  ? This is a very exciting new feature from ALA that 
provides a social community for librarians even if they are not ALA members. 

If you aren't a member, you can register, read and post. You just won't see as much 

If you are a member, you just log on using your membership ID and your password. 
The program has already linked you to each of your committees and provides these 
with forums for work. You can decide if your committee work and posts are viewable 
to the public or just to the committee. 

You can also create your own community. I heard another librarian jokingly say he 
hasn't seen a group for "Librarians who own cats" yet and I'm thinking this would 
be a fun group. I am very excited about the possibilities of this program. It's 
like a professional playground for people who like facebook and it's a convenient 
collaborative workplace. 

One of the features I like is that you can search for a committee and see the 
membership list. If you were wondering who is actually on the Intellectual Freedom 
committee, you can easily find out. It makes much of ALA transparent. I know Jenny 
Levine has worked with some of the members here on LM_NET to design this and I hope 
you will check it out. 


Diane R. Chen 
Library Information Specialist -- John F. Kennedy Middle School 
2087 Hobson Pike, Nashville, TN 37013 TEL: 615 501-7900 
ALA Executive Board member; ALA-APA Executive Board member 
Personal Email: 
Blog: Practically Paradise at 

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