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When someone asked about dirt in the library I copied and pasted my #5
job assignment from my Research Assistants Responsibilities.  I had a
LOT of people ask me for the whole thing.  Since we cannot send
attachments thru LM_Net, I thought I'd send my replies this way...





Fiction                    Reference

Biographies             Nonfiction                First Period TAs' Will
Turn on all computers the first day of the week!

Title of Class Sets    Professional


I - K                      300               12 Xxxxx Xxxx
1st  (1/2)       Printer & Copier; TV on; Newspaper


O - Q                    800               12 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx
2nd  (3/4)      Professional Journals; Calendar


U - Z                     000 - 100      11 Xxxxxx Xxxxx
2nd  (3/4)      BU Newspaper; CRHS in News


R - T                     600               12 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx
3rd  (5/6)      Clean supplies & pencil; BU printer & 

B Lunch                    copier


C - E                     700              11 Xxxxxx Xxxx
3rd   (5/6)     Printer & Copier; Catalogs

C Lunch  

.                             Fourth Block will put up and take down all
the decorations!!                                     .  

F - H                     400              10 Xxxxxxxx Xxxx
4th  (7/8)      TV off; Date Due slips; Recycle

Last weekday turn off computers


A - B                     900              12 Xxxxx Xxxxxxx
4th (7/8)       5 Textbooks; BU Date due slips;

Last weekday turn off computers


L - N                     200 & 500    12 Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx          4th
(7/8)       Magazines;     

Last weekday turn off computers

**************** General duties ... everyday by everyone!

1)       Straighten all tables and chairs,


2)       Check green sheets on all computers ... place sheet on holder
matching letter to computer letter; do this at beginning and end of each
shift & log off each computer,


3)       Check in books AND Scan books in cabinet and put them in
correct place,


4)       Do shelf checks...put in order any and all books; help patrons
in any capacity,


5)       Remove books to clean every shelf in your sections and check
for repairs (once per 9-week period),


6)       If any books are on the tables or carts, check status (checked
out or not) & put in proper place, 

7)       Cover / Repair Books,


8)       Read a book from your section and make a poster display for
your section


9)       Before you do anything that is not Research Assistant related,
please ask if there is anything else we need you to do!  Then ask if it
is okay if you do whatever it is you want to do!


10)     ANY jobs Media Personnel ask you to do.
Updated 27 April 2009


Please read this entirely before signing your name UNDER your

If you have any questions, please ASK.  Now is the time.  

Ways you are graded:

*       Pop quiz ...during your shift I may ask you if you are finished
shelving your books.  Then I will check the carts.  Minus one point for
every item left on the cart from your assignment.
*       Homework assignments...anytime I post anything to be signed i.e.
this paper it is a homework grade if you sign THIS by 4/28 you get an A;
4/29=B, 4/30=C, 5/1 = D and if you sign after that or never sign it is
an F for that grade.
*       Making a poster...see #8 above, the earlier in the 9 weeks it is
hung the better grade you get (TEST GRADE).
*       If I have to remind you to do your assignments see all 10 above
*       The final...a final shelf check.  I will look around on your
shelves to see they are in order and they have been cleaned.   A book
misplaced is minus one point.  A book out of its section i.e. in REF
when it is a nonfiction book is minus 5 points.


Expectations for Media Center Research Assistants


     The Library and Media Center is a wonderful benefit offered to the
students of Crystal River High School.  By assuming the role of Research
Assistant inside the Media Center, you become an integral part of the
learning process for other Pirates.  Therefore, you are held to high
standards and expectations.  During your shift, you should consider
yourself to be in class.  There are many freedoms that come from being
in this class, but assisting students in the Media Center, any task
asked of you by Media Center Personnel, and the responsibilities laid
out below are your utmost priority and the basis by which you will
receive a grade.


*       Straighten all tables and chairs.  The Media Center should look
orderly at all times.
*       Check pink and green sign-in sheets on all computers; which
should be under mouse pad or on paper holder.  If a computer is missing
the pink or green sheet, replacements can be found in the supply room
shelves above the telephone.  If running low on sign-in sheet supply, it
is your duty to inform Ms. Mitchell or any other Media Center Personnel.

*       When a computer is not in use, check the connectivity.
*       Scan books in cabinet and put them in their correct place.
*       Check your shelves for any books that may be out of order.
*       Once every nine weeks, you are responsible for removing the
books and or videos in your section and giving the shelves a complete
cleaning.  Also check your books for necessary repairs.
*       Any books on tables or carts must have their status checked and
put in their proper place.
*       You will read a book in one of your section each 9 weeks and
make a poster depicting something about the book to attract readers to
your section.
*       You may be asked to cover and/or repair books.
*       Research Assistants are expected to have a smile on their face
and do their duties with a pleasant attitude.



Failure to meet these expectations will result in disciplinary action
including, but not limited to, a reduction in class grade average.


By printing and signing below, you acknowledge that you have read the
expectation letter and have had any questions answered by Media Center




__________________________        __________________________

            Print name                                            Sign
name                                     Date



Lynette (LYNN) Mitchell
Library Media Specialist
Crystal River High School
1205 NE 8th Ave.
Crystal River, Florida 34428
352-795-4641 ext: 248
352-795-4519 FAX
Currently reading:   Unwind by Neil Shusterman     Just finished:
Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins   What about you?

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