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Someone posted a request for a Summer Reading List
this morning, which changed my whole work week.
I was working on an article for parents--13 Ways to
Raise a Reader--for the James Patterson ReadKioddoRead
website, and after I read the LM_NET post, I stopped in
my tracks and started in on compiling an annotated
summer reading list, ages birth to teen. Yikes. Been up
in the attic all day working on it, and there will be miles
to go before I get any sleep. I called the website gal at
RKR and asked if we could format it so people could
download it as a PDF, and she thought that wouldn't be
a problem. First it'll go on the free RKR Newsletter that should
go out next week, and then they'll put it on the Community
part of the site. (I also did 7 separate lists of Classic
children's books, if you need that, already on the site.)
When you go to, then click on
the COMMUNITY button to find all my extra lists and articles.
You can look for the Summer Reading List starting next week,
I figure. I hope it comes in handy for you and your kids.

Here's my splendid new news of the week, more proof
that good things often come in threes. You might remember
I posted about a month back that I won my first award ever
for my writing--an Anne Izard Storyteller's Choice Award
for my book, Once Upon a Time: Using Storytelling, Creative
Drama, and Reader's Theater with Children in Grades K-6
(Libraries Unlimited, 2007). I was elated. Then, three weeks
ago, I got an e-mail from ALA that
(for which I select the books, write the reviews, and contribute
articles, lists, and blog posts) had just been selected as one of
21 exemplary websites for 2009 by ALA for their Great Sites
for Kids list. It's like a Notables List for websites. Go to: They haven't listed ReadKiddoRead
on the site yet, but take a look--it's a great resource and we
are thrilled we are going to be included! I've been dancing
on the ceiling.

Then, last week during my 25th Annual Winners Conference
(which was the most wonderful week--we had a blast) in NJ,
I got another incredible phone call, this time from the folks at
www.ReadKiddoRead. It seems we've just won ANOTHER
award (I am bouncing up and down in my chair as I write this,
which isn't the best idea, as this chair's seen better days),
this time from the National Book Foundation, the organization
that gives out the National Book Award every year. They
have just started a new award called the Innovations in
Reading Prize, and ReadKiddoRead was one of the 5 winners
(out of 150 applications submitted)! Too cool!
It comes with a $2,500 prize, which I'm sure James
Patterson will use for a worthy book-related cause, and
they're supposed to be announcing it today. I went to the the heading is there,
but the link isn't live yet. I found the press release info at:
WowWowWowWowWow! We're all ecstatic.

One last thing--thanks to Karen DeFrank for her kind words
about the Winners! Conference. (I love her Dinosaur Vs. Bedtime 
idea. That book is a hoot!) You can get a free booklist of my
103 faves that I reviewed that day on Follett's wonderful
site, After you log in, click on the
Curriculum folder at the top of the page. Then click on
Popular Subject Lists on the left side of the page, then scroll
down till you come to J and you'll find me under Judy Freeman.
Click on my name & you can click on/print out/order from my
Winners lists from 2009 and last year, and my BER lists from
this year and last, too. (If you want to buy the spiffy new
Winners! Handbook, you can get it from Follett, or
Libraries, or Amazon, or wherever
you can find the best deal.)


Judy Freeman
Children's Literature Consultant
Reviewer for
Author of Books Kids Will Sit Still For 3
(Libraries Unlimited, 2006;
and Once Upon a Time:
Using Storytelling, Creative Drama, and
Reader's Theater with Children in Grades K-6 (2007)
65 North Sixth Avenue
Highland Park, NJ 08904
732-572-5634 /

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