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Good morning all:
             OK--I looked through the archives and also 
checked into the books on Bullying that were listed 
recently, but still haven't really found what I am looking 
for. I know such books exist, but unfortunately I don't 
have access to any public libraries to try to find them. 
We do, however, have a teacher in the US right now for a 
funeral and he is willing to bring me a book if I find 
what I need.
             The situation is in 1st and 2nd grade where 
there are just too many different ethnic groups and they 
are fighting constantly. I am personally tired of dealing 
with the bloody noses (the library bench is right next to 
the playground so that is where they end up) and kids 
coming to me and saying "So and so called me a bad name in 
Korean/German/Spanish/You name it. Can anyone suggest a 
book that deals with these issues that a 1st grader would 
catch on to?
              I have read them the classics such as the 
"Sneetches", and "Rainbow Fish". We have tried newer ones 
like "I'm Sorry" from McBratney and "Cookies" from 
Rosenthal. I guess what I am saying is, we need a book 
like "The Outsiders" for 1st grade. I would, however, 
appreciate something that doesn't require you knowing a 
lot about America and instances there such as Bunting's 
"Smoky Night". It is a wonderful books but by the time I 
get done explaining about how in America there are 
"shelters" in churches, hot cocoa and of course how there 
were the LA race riots since to them this type of thing 
would never happen in the US, the kids have lost the point 
of everyone getting along.
           As usual, Thanks for all your help and I know 
that at least some of you will come up with books that I 
should have thought of on my own so don't assume that I 
have already tried some of the classics.

Carol Van Brocklin
Faith Academy-Mindanao
Davao City, Philippines

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