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In the few hours that my post regarding receiving a Fax from Channel One appeared 
on the list serve I can say that to a person the replies have stated the same 
thing.  Channel One is approaching most every school with the same communication.  

There is no cover letter explaining the program just the contract --- perhaps 
assuming one is distracted with end of the year activities and will simply sign the 
contract and send it.  Or, that a principal or administrator will think the 
librarian or whoever, forgot to take care of this, sign it themselves and send it.

I am trying to remember how long ago we had the system and I am thinking at least 
12 years.  The TV's were much too small for a classroom and showing it the same 
period always meant that period had about 12 minutes less of class time --- not 
popular with the classroom teacher or me when I had a class in the library!  Our 
principal at the time thought it was a great idea to get a TV for each classroom.  
When they were removed we had ugly spots & brackets on the wall, wiring that was 
not needed and in the way.  Perhaps a good idea at one time but like many other 
things its time is over.

Thanks to all who responded, it was satisfying to know we were not the only school 
dealing with the issue.

Charlene Bauer, Librarian
Norwalk Catholic School

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