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Thanks for all of your help with advice about Bill Nye Videos. Before I get to the 
good advice, I need to say that I got some REALLY BAD advice from more than a few 
folks, which I'm going to paraphrase here:
"My {assistant/Tech para-ed/parent-student volunteers} are copying all of them from 
Please note that this is illegal (in most cases--see other hit about copyright 
today.) I'm not your copyright police, but librarians should really be a bit more 
aware about their rights, and lack thereof, here.
"You can download them all from BitTorrent."
Wow. Really? Thanks, but no.
OK, on to the good advice:
"Check Library Video Company's website. They have several Bill Nye series listed 
and most are available on DVD. Series One and Series Two have a listed price of 
$2497 each. VHS versions are slightly cheaper."

"Baker & Taylor discounts videos and DVDs.  See if they can get them for you."
"We too use Bill Nye DVDs - anything to spice up science!  We began ordering Bill 
Nye sets in 2005, and I still have a catalog from then and from 2007 (catalog title 
is Disney Educational Media) that had several deals for sets of his videos (both 
catalogs featured these deals):
Enhanced Classroom Edition DVDs:
Single Programs $49.95 each
Make Your Own Series: Any 10 DVDs $399.95
Make Your Own Series: Any 20 DVDs $749.00
Order the Complete Series: 80 DVDs $2679.00
Order the Complete Series: 100 DVDs $3249.00
* Includes all 100 full-length programs in the Bill Nye the Science Guy series
I realize that these are older catalogs, but they may still have deals like this 
running.  I looked online and could not find any 'series' bundles, but if you call 
them at 800-295-5010, they may be able to give you information about series/set 
I like this last advice best, as I can "pick and choose" the ones that will get the 
most use and save a bit of money. I will be calling them to see if this deal is 
still available.
Thanks for all your help,
Harry F. Coffill 
Media Center Specialist
East Grand Rapids Middle School
Drama Department
East Grand Rapids High School 

"All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity are 
easy. Stay away from easy." -Scott Alexander, Screenwriter

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