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Wonderful collective brain --
I have a request from a colleague to help find a book she read as a child. I've cut 
and pasted her rather long request with just the helpful bits -- any help would be 
greatly appreciated --
….I pulled a dark green, thick hardbound book with no dust jacket out of the 
pile and thumbed thru it and promptly began to read it. To this day it is still my 
favorite book of all time although I can no longer remember the title or author's 
….I'm pretty sure it wasn't a novel by the Bronte's, Daphne du Maurier, Victoria 
Holt and several other well known authors…..
….One thing I never forgot was the "ghost" in the story was named Zoe and 
she turned out to be the mother of the hero. Zoe was supposed to have died long 
ago but instead she had been locked in a secret room in the mansion and I believe 
it was her sister who had done that to her and then raised her son as her very own. 
There was all the elements of all gothic romances.... the dark mansion which was 
near the ocean I believe, the governess or nanny who took care of the widowed 
hero's children and falls in love with him, Zoe kept escaping and since she was 
dressed in white she appeared to be a ghost....It' s not Wilkie Collins, "The Woman 
in White" either as I own that book too. Zoe was a wee bit crazy and I believe ends 
up burning the house to the ground…..
Thanks for searching the depths of your minds!

Teri Padua / Media Director
Northwestern Regional MS/HS
Winsted, CT 06098


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