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I use Wikipedia myself.  I support my kids using it - with
qualifications.  I try to make them understand that it is a jumping-off
point - and should never be the center of serious research.  As
librarians, we can "not allow" it to be used, and preach the "evils" of
Wikipedia - but people ARE going to use it.  For that reason, I teach my
students how to use it skeptically.
Nevertheless, incidents like this are a big concern.   With all its
wonders, I often fear that the internet is contributing to rampant lazy
research in and out of schools.  Expressing these worries often results
in derision.  Luddite being a popular accusation.  I cringe when I hear
that word.  It is often a way to marginalize those of us who have feet
planted in BOTH worlds - the new 21st Century Literacy and the more
"traditional" approach to reading and research.  I LOVE the new tools we
have at our disposal.  I LOVE the expanse of the internet, with its
seemingly limitless ability to expand our thinking.  I see the benefits
of skimming the surface of knowledge and the perspective that provides.
I once saw surfing the net compared to riding a Jet Ski.  But what about
deep sea diving?  We have become so distracted and addicted to speed,
that I have to wonder what might happen to deep reading and deep
I had hoped that the print news at least would maintain research
standards - but they are only as good as their individual reporters. 
Also, given the precipitous drop in their revenue, newspapers are
cutting journalists and  research budgets.  If newspapers die, I wonder
how long it will be before the bloggers are all blogging about whatever
the other person is blogging and that other person is blogging complete
fantasy "news" - because there are no more paid journalists doing real
primary research for anyone to blog about.
Well - that's my quota of curmudgeonliness for the day =)
"You see, I don't believe that libraries should be drab places where
people sit in silence, and that's been the main reason for our policy of
employing wild animals as librarians...."   (Monty Python)

"The Librarian, whose job is to heal ignorance, to keep life safe for
poetry and to put knowledge smack dab in the middle of the American
way." ~ The Philadelphia Inquirer, 9-20-03
“Education is not about filling a pail, it’s about lighting a fire."  ~
William Butler Yeats
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