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Thank you for all the responses. I have summerized the responses below.
-Clorox wipes
-blow them with a can of air, and use lysol spray
-turn off the computer, get out the cloth rags and some kind of cleaner, and clean 
the keys one at a time. See: not easy. At the very least not time-effective. 
Needless to say, this only gets done when there's "free time."
-Make sure the keyboard unplugged or the computer is off when cleaning. Use a good 
quality paint brush if you do not have one of those tiny vacuums to remove dust and 
lint. Then use wipes or a damp rag with a little disinfectant in the water, a small 
amount of dish soap and a cap full up to 1/4 C of bleach in a gallon of water 
should do the trick to wipe down the keyboards. Be careful as you could wash away 
the lettering on some keys if you use too strong a detergent. You could also use 
alcohol on a rag to wipe them down does the same thing
-Wash them in the dishwasher. Let try for a week standing on end (perpendicular)
-take the keyboard, turn it upside down and shake it out.  Then, while still upside 
down, I used canned air to blow out anything still stuck inside.  Finally, I put 
the keyboard down and wipe down all the keys quickly with a Clorox wipe. 

Sharon Manley, Library Media Specialist
Lewiston-Altura Schools
Lewiston, MN

What are you currently reading? I am reading  "Water for Elephants". 

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