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Just this past week, I had a 5th grade boy come in with his mother after 
school regarding an overdue book. He was telling her he just saw his book, 
that was 5 weeks overdue, on the shelf this week. Naturally he couldn't find 
it again with all of us standing around him. Mom was fine, even admitting 
under her breath to me that he may be fibbing. She offered to pay right then 
and there, but I said let's wait a bit. I figured it would show up soon and 
he is a good kid otherwise. I went over to the classroom afterwards on a 
hunch, and there it was buried in his desk. I emailed Mom and told her I got 
a good laugh, and never would forget her son when he left my school site. 
Lucky for me, Mom is a suspicious one concerning what comes out of her kids' 
mouths. Because of endless situations like this and ones like we've already 
heard about here, I never ever remove an item off a kid's record just 
because they or their parents tell me they already returned the book, or 
that they never checked it out. I would also fight tooth and nail if my 
administrator asked me to do that. I may let them check out a book in the 
future, but I'm not wiping the record clean for them.

Lisa Huddleston
Library Media Technician
Webster Elementary School K-6
Madera, CA

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