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Due to budget constraints, my position is undergoing major changes.   
Rather than being a teaching librarian in one school, the library  
position looks to be shifting to a district librarian position, grades  
k - 8, overseeing libraries and volunteers in four schools.  It is  
possible that there will be a fifth school, adding pre-k to the mix.   
(Well over 1000 students.)

Fortunately, I have been asked to help shape this position.  Has  
anyone been through this?  How did you manage?  Questions I would love  
some help on include:

How did you establish good relationships with teachers and students  
when stretched so thin?

Have you ever successfully managed several libraries as the only paid  
staff person?

Is it possible to make this work if each library had, instead, a paid  
paraprofessional?  I could envision training several paras to, at  
least, run the daily operations of the libraries.  We could have  
regular meetings as a group and work together to make sure things go  
smoothly.  One idea is that I could write curricula to suit each  
school though I would not be able to be the teacher.

I am just at the beginnings of my thinking about this and would  
welcome any help.  I know that this is not an ideal situation.  On  
principle, these children deserve a dedicated, full-time teaching  
librarian who knows them personally and knows their curriculum.  That  
is not an option now, and won't be for at least several years.

Thank you!


Robin Shtulman
K - 8 Librarian
Greenfield Public Schools

413-772-1380 Federal Street School   (Weds. afternoons & Fri.)
413-772-1370 Newton School   (Tues. & Weds. mornings)
413-772-1360 Greenfield Middle School   (Mon. & Thurs.)

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