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Hello all,

I was asked to post a hit for my most recent puzzler.  Here was the book 
description that I posted to the list:

"I have a patron looking for a book that she remembers reading in third and fourth 
grade.  It includes both text and pictures.  Here is the story as she remembers it: 
There's a little girl who is taken by a bird because the bird promised her parents 
a child until a certain age, but when the child reached that age, the bird could 
take her back.  The bird takes her to a place where there are lots of animals who 
talk to her.  The girl has wings and someone (her dad?) makes her a golden heart 
that she keeps with her.  She flies away from the bird, and plays music on a golden 
harp.  Her name was either Gwen or Gwena."

Thanks to those of you who helped my student find this beloved book.  The one she 
was looking for was Gwinna.  Here is a description that one of you shared with us:

"I think the book you are looking for is "Gwinna" (by Barbara Helen Berger).  
Gwinna is a girl who has wings but does not know it. When she hears a mysterious 
song in the wind, she is filled with longing. Led by a small white owl, she sets 
out on a quest, finding her wings, her own power of flight, and at last the harp 
she longs for. This is a girl’s initiation fairytale in chapters, with full-color 
art throughout."

This list is such a wonderful help!  Thanks to all of you for your generous spirit.

Brenda Hahn, Librarian
Grades 5-12 Library
Dell Rapids Public School
Dell Rapids, SD 57022-1036 
"You were born an original.  Don't die a copy."  John Mason
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